PA EMS Protocols by iHarig

The first version of my app was iOS only, the basic design of this app was meant to be simple. At all times you are 2 clicks away from seeing a protocol. It launches on the basic life support section, allowing you to scroll up or down to find your protocol. The tab bar’s icons increase in complexity from left to right, just as the certification levels do. Clicking on a protocol quickly a PDF that is zoomable and can be moved into landscape orientation. These protocols can be searched for quick reference. As time went on, I began a redesign of the app by programming in React Native and later Flutter. This allows for publishing to both the Android and iOS platforms with one common code base.

Because of this change, I also changed how the protocols are accessed. While originally the app had all files loaded in the device‚Äôs storage, to keep updates uniform between both apps it changed to an online data store. This means that an active internet connection is needed for the app to work. This also allowed me to program a live hospital list- while my previous iOS version geocoded all hospitals and then sorted the list, by the end of 2017 I had hit limits on my geocode provider, causing crashes for paying users. To remedy this, the new version allows you to get time, distance, and now traffic congestion for hospitals that you select- it’s not as nice as the sort was, but the added information is now available to everyone who uses the app.

Also changed in 2018, the app is now available for a one-time purchase from each app store. I removed all ads and in-app purchases, this should clean it up a bit, but the charge help me recoup some of the costs I’ve incurred in this apps development and hosting

In 2019, I updated the app to include the ability to share protocols and host regional items of importance. Regions can contact me through this Support link to have important pdf files hosted. I also added push notifications and an update log to alert users as to when something new is posted.

In the most recent 2021 update, I rebuilt the app in Flutter, a cross-platform programming language that was faster and more stable than the prior React native iteration. No new features were added, but thankfully we were able to keep all current features pretty much the same.

This app is not developed or affiliated with the PA Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council, or any regional/local/agency. While every effort is made to ensure that the data contained is accurate and up-to-date, providers should be mindful to verify they are always operating in accordance with these protocols and their respective scope of practice.